What is feminism?

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Most people do not know about its philosophy and principle. No debate or discussion on feminism is worthless without fully understanding it and understanding it. After new liberalization, after the change in women in Indian society, it has become necessary to know these principles now.

What is feminism?

In fact, feminism is such a philosophy, and its purpose is to find out the reasons for the special status of women in society and present alternative solutions for their betterment. Feminism can only tell which strategy should be adopted for women-empowerment in a society. Women are not less than men, in any case, despite this, they are denied opportunities. Feminism tells about all such situations.

Any ideology has its own principles, with the help of which we can understand that ideology well. Now we will mention some of the popular principles related to feminism, which are sometimes considered the type of feminism.

What is feminism?

The history of liberal feminism is very old in the history of patriarchal principles. This is based on the principle of equality of man and woman. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, moderate feminists underlined the interdependence between the democratic values of freedom and equality and subordination of women. The idea of independence, equality, and justice under the leadership of liberalism was completely opposite to the experiences of the life of the closed women in powerless and charismatic.

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