Step by step guide to Setup or Install Salesforce Einstein Analytics

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Start Exploring Analytics

After completion this, you’ll be able to:
•    Explain what Salesforce Analytics is?
•    How Analytics can be beneficial to your business?
•    You will be able to install or setup special Analytics Developer Edition
Presenting Salesforce Analytics

Your business and improving your customers’ entire experience with Analytics,  you can solves the challenges of combining all this information to answer key questions of your business users. Analytics enables everyone in your org to get immediate access to powerful data insights through its intuitive point-and-click visual interface. You can get the answers which you need from your data. The Analytics technology is a game changer, no need to wait for IT to wrangle your data and create complex queries.
What Can You Do with Analytics?

You can explore your data to discover new, unexpected insights. Get instant visualizations that show how your business is doing. Create dashboards to continually monitor key business metrics based on the latest data.

How does it work?

Create aggregated views of your disparate data—Salesforce or external data—by loading it into data-sets, and then slice and dice the data to get the answers.
Start Exploring Your Data
Getting started with Analytics, we’ll explore dashboards, and then show you how easy it is to explore, visualize, and share. Explorations are designed to help you better understand your business and make data-driven decisions. How to take a question from your data? And get an answer from your data with ease. Instead of waiting for someone to provide an answer, you’ll be able to use Analytics to answer.
Try to Install or setup Analytics with a Developer Edition
A free Developer Edition where you can practice you’re learning, and you’ll definitely prepare yourself for the challenges.

Let’s get you set up so you can log in and start working with Analytics.
1.    Go to Free developer account.
2.    Fill out the form using an active email address.
3.    After you fill out the form, click Sign me up. A confirmation message appears.
4.    When you receive the activation email, open it and click the link.
5.    Complete your registration, and set your password and challenge question

6.    Click Save.
7.    You’ll be logged in to your Developer Edition
Please go through our Installation video, you will find step by step installation guidance.
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