Why regular running is not helpful for weight loss?

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Due to the bad eating habits of the person and the peak lifestyles, the body starts to suffer from many diseases and obesity and no wonder running is considered as one of the best cardiovascular exercises to for weight loss.
Running strengthens lungs and at the same time, all the organs of the body get energy. But there are also many precautions required. Yes, if few things are not kept in mind while running, then it can also be the cause of many physical problems.
 Why regular running is not helpful for weight loss?
If you are starting the race, then you should only run two to four days in a week. Not more than 30 to 40 minutes per race.
Run slowly
First of all, start running slowly and then run in a normal position. But keep in mind that warmth of 5 to 10 minutes before running is very important.

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Why regular running is not helpful for weight loss?

Gradually increase speed
Before starting the race, know this fact that you should never increase your speed suddenly. You may get hurt by doing this. In such a situation, it will be better to increase your speed gradually.
Warm up
For warm up, you swing your hands, swing your legs. Apart from this, you can do squats and lanzes can also do.
Get complete rest

Sufficient rest is also needed during running. After completing the race, it is necessary to rest. This helps in bringing the body back to its position.

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