What are the characteristics in a perfect person?

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We all know that we should adopt good and moral qualities and should be a good person. Occasionally we try to figure out whether we are a good person. Because we have an idea of our good and evils, but by giving the time we often shy away from paying attention to this. All of us want that we help all, cooperate with the a truth and think well of everyone.

Characteristics of a perfect person:

Learns from mistakes

What are the characteristics in a perfect person?
A good person also makes mistakes but does not repeat them.
Every time learning from their mistakes and improving it and not making the same mistake again is a good person's identity. Such a person takes responsibility for his own mistakes and instead focuses on improving them instead of putting them on others.

Calm & Polite

What are the characteristics in a perfect person?
The nature of a good man is calm and gentle and he does not even boast about his actions. No matter how many abilities and abilities it has, he does not show himself high and low in front. Such a person does not even have feelings like anger and jealousy, but his personality is calm and cheerful, seeing a grin on the face of a troubled person.

A good person makes his responsibilities glad and also makes every possible effort to play them well. Whether a responsibility belongs to a family, to a society or to the world, the responsibility of managing each and every relationship better and taking responsibility for every fluctuation is accepted by a good person.


What are the characteristics in a perfect person?
A good person does not hesitate to apologize for his mistakes nor does he delay in forgiving others for his mistakes.
His view is generous; he values relationships rather than mistakes, and forgives and knows how to lighten the burden of himself and the face of the front. She is sure to forget about forgetting mistakes and remembering your loved ones.

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