What makes a man special?

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Saddiya  Anwar answered 20-Jan-2020 by Saddiya Anwar
Phenomenal personalities are considered to be special. Our unique mind-set reflects especiality of our thinking patterns. One's lifestyle must be flexible enough to cope up with the changes in their quotidian lives. Because when we remain stick to the activities which are being followed by major population then we are counted in common people. To stand out of the crowd or to feel special about ourselves, we must let our personalities to grow and learn. We are special when we think, write, speak, live and learn different. Those differences are owned by each survival on the earth because everyone led different lives due to which different perceptions and creations come out.
What makes a man special?
Now the question arises that which differences makes us special?
There are some fundamental basics which makes us different from each other and they are : Attitude, behaviour, opinion, ideology, views, creativity, experiences and imaginations. When we make use of these essentials mentioned above in such a way that brings especiality in our walks and talks, we become special.  
In my opinion creative and peaceful minds are special because they tend to engage their mind and intellectual in bringing out some changes in society creatively and peacefully. Man is made to explore and pour their own emotions and thoughts to the designated challenges. And when those challenges are sorted out for the sake of peaceful living then a special trait of a man caught sight of world.
There are some traits which makes a man special. 
  • Discipline 
  • Creative
  • Logical
  • Strong
  • Emotional
  • Confidence
  • Fearless
  • Honesty
Utilising the power of acceptance in a justified manner also highlights our especiality. Like when we accept someone or something which harm us or when we tolerate the things that might help in fading out our identity then we are making wasteful use of the magic wand and if give our agreement to some truths of life and departures or when we argue to the unjustified contents of life then we sound special.
To remain special for lifetime we must make the best use of our tolerance power and creativity.

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