How did Leo Tolstoy died?

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Leo Tolstoy died from Pneumonia at the age of 82 at a railway station of Astapovo which is a railway station in a remote village in Russia. 

His last message……..
Now when I see death as close as I am, I want to say what is clearly visible in my mind and which is most important today, and that is - 'Innocence Resistance' That is nothing but the lesson of love ... love is the only and supreme rule of human life and this thing also knows the soul of every person; And if the person does not believe in any wrong concept, then he might understand it. The same love has been proclaimed by all the saints, whether it be Indian, Chinese, Jewish, Greek or Roman. When force enters into love, then it does not remain the law of life and takes the form of violence and becomes the power of the mighty ...’ 

Tolstoy, who had been associated with the wealthy family, took up a simple life until he was 55 years old walking barefoot, cultivating and dressing like farmers. He left smoking, hunting, and eating meat. In 1891, by distributing the majority of their property to their wives and children, Tolstoy joined rural life and began to be consistent with those who believe in religions around the world.

Leo Tolstoy is one of the most renowned personalities in the literature world. War & Peace, Anna Karenina, The Death of Ivan Ilyich, The Kingdom of God Is Within You and Resurrection are the most precious novels given by him to the literature world.

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