What was the real name of Premchand ?

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 What was the real name of Premchand?

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Real Name- Dhanpat Rai

 What was the real name of Premchand ?
Premchand was born on July 31, 1880, four miles from the city of Varanasi in a village Lumhi. His father Ajayab rai used to work as a minor servant in the post office.

Dhanpat Rai was just eight years old, when her mother died, till the end of her life, Dhanparat Rai faced constant inconsistent circumstances. Dad got married the second because of which the child could not even get the love and affection he could. He grew up in a state of poverty. It is said that there was a severe poverty in his house. There were no clothes to wear and neither was enough food to eat. Apart from all this, the step mother's behavior at home was too much harsh.

The adverse conditions of life like poverty, lack, exploitation, and harassment could not even stop Premchand's tendency towards literature. Since Premchand was in the middle he started reading the novel and knew Urdu since childhood itself.

Premchand started writing at the age of thirteen. In the beginning, he wrote some plays and later started writing novels in Urdu.

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