Who translated the book Gitanjali in english?

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ASHUTOSH PANDEY asked 13 days ago in Books & Novels by ASHUTOSH PANDEY

Who translated the book Gitanjali in English?

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Sanat Shukla answered 13 days ago by Sanat Shukla

The book” Gitanjali “is a collection of verses written after Rabindra Nath Tagore in Bangla. Tagore wrote a beautiful prayer after a gut-wrenchingly painful period in his life during which he lost his father, wife, daughter and a son in quick succession. His unmeasurable pain and unshaken devotion are written in prose verses when he lost relatives. His original Bengali version was published on August 14, 1910. Its original version in Bengali is a collection of 156 poems.


 His finest masterpiece was introduced to masterpiece was first introduced by W.B Yeats in the year 1912, thus Tagore became first Indian and Asian to win Noble Prize for literature.
A must read the book for every Indian and human to can feel pain for his near ones but also has deep affection towards god even after losing everyone.