Who is known as King of Melody in Bollywood?

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Who is known as King of Melody in Bollywood?

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Kedarnath Bhattacharya or Kumar Shanu is known as the King of Melody.  You may get astonished to know the fact that he is the only Indian singer who recorded 28 songs in one day and has registered his name in Guinness Book Record. He is has been awarded the Padma Shri, India's highest honor. 

Who  is known as King of Melody in Bollywood?

Kumar Shanu was born on October 20, 1957, in the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata. His father Pashupati Bhattacharya was a classical singer and musician. Kumar Shanu started his career with a Bengali film Teen “Kanya” in the year 1986. This movie was directed by Shibli Sadiq.

All the credit for bringing Shanu to Hindi cinema goes to late singer Jagjit Singh. He offered him to sing a song in the movie “Aanddhiyan”. In fact, Kumar Shanu used to try to copy the Kishore Kumar from his childhood which was the reason his voice few times sounded quite similar to Kishor Da.  

Who  is known as King of Melody in Bollywood?

In the nineties, Kumar Shanu gave voice to many hits. He got his first Filmfare Award for the film Aashiqui. Kumar Shanu is the first singer who has won the Filmfare Best Singer Award for five years continuously.
Apart from singing, Kumar Shanu has also been a musician of several Hindi films. Besides, he is very interested in film production. He produced film “Uthan” in 2006. After this, he produced Rakesh Bhatia with the film “Ye Sunday kyun aata hai”.

Listing down his chartbuster songs:

  • Tujhe Dekha to Ye Jana sanam
  • Sanson Ki Jarurat hai jaise
  • Baazigar O Bazigar
  • Jab koi baat bigad jaye
  • Ye kaali kaali aankhen

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