Know About Integrating Oracle DRM with Your Applications

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                                                                           Oracle Hyperion DRM

                                                                     Data Relationship Management

If you think Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) can only integrate with Oracle Hyperion applications, then you probably don’t know thh Oracle Hyperion DRM.Its originally developed by an SAP shop with the goal of supporting hierarchy and hierarchy reference data for reporting.How DRM will integrate with your applications  with non-Oracle products, supporting a SaaS-based cloud architecture with DRM, and maintaining Oracle EPM products with DRM’s automated integration.
Myth 1: DRM can't automate or integrate with non-Oracle products like SAP, Salesforce, Workday, or ServiceNow
DRM can integrate with your applications in many ways, including:
Flat-files, Database Tables, XML
Java / SOAP / REST / C++ / BPEL / BPM
ELT/ETL tools

Myth 2: DRM doesn't support a SaaS-based cloud architecture
DRM is REST enabled and supports multiple flat-file formats, which is how most data is bulk loaded into a cloud application.

Myth 3: DRM doesn't have delivered support for maintaining Oracle EPM products
Yes,Early versions of DRM did not come with delivered automated integration with Oracle Hyperion.Since was released. Now, there are numerous ways to integrate DRM with Oracle’s EPM products.

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