Why there is no stability in our life

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Why there is no stability in our life 

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AMANDEEP SINGH answered 22 days ago by AMANDEEP SINGH

Life is a cycle of happiness and misery. This is the truth of life. We do not need to consider this at a favorable time. Whenever there are adverse situations for us, then we lose our powers. In such a situation, there is a sense of self-respect and friendliness, help in finding solutions, then relief is available and guiding books are known as Deep-pillar in the storm. The basis of most of these books is the Gita summary. Why with us? We get the answer to this question only from the Gita.

The main causes of grief are external circumstances, a behavior of ambient people, ambitions, and wishes. No other person or destiny is responsible for the adverse circumstances and problems encountered in life. For us, we are responsible for ourselves, because of our actions and behavior only circumstances are created. We should keep in mind that the behavior of the person in front does not affect our behavior. We take action favorably towards our nature.

The words 'I', 'My', 'Mere' should be the least used. There is still some shortage and needs something, thinking that sorrow increases.
The discharge of your work and your duties properly is a matter of concern, not the result. Energy is used in work, not in result. In order to prove ourselves superior, peace of mind should not be lost. Conditions, people's behavior, we can not choose, but we can control the desires.

We learn the reason for the stress or the origin of the problem. Try to get proper remedies. Long-term stress is deadly for body and mind. Accept what can not be changed, this is the solution.

It is difficult to change others, try to change yourself. Help others as much as possible. All are mine, think it's me Ignore the defects.
Take education from the past, do not worry about living and future at present. Exercise, yoga, pranayama, meditation must definitely benefit from them. Taking a deep breath will make the mind calm.