When and who invented the Rayon?

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When and who invented the  Rayon?

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Rayon is an Artificial Material, which is made with regenerated and purified Cellulose derived from plants. Rayon was the first fiber made by humans which works as a substitute for Silk.

When and who invented the  Rayon?
The fabric Rayon was invented by “George Audemars” a Swiss Chemist in the year 1855. Rayon is a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber and it works as an alternative to Natural fiber, like Wool, Silk, and Cotton. Rayon fiber is made with purified cellulose and then it is chemically converted into a soluble compound. The compound is then dissolved and forced through a spinneret to produce the filament which solidifies the filament chemically. It results in the form of the fiber of about pure cellulose. The chemical used to solidify the filament into the fiber is ‘Carbon Disulfide’.
This chemical process of producing Rayon fiber was very time consuming to take it at the Industrial Level production. Therefore, in 1894, this technique of Audemars has been refined by the three British Inventors Clayton Beadle, Edward Bevan, and Charles Cross. The produced product was named as ‘Viscose’. Rayon fiber can be produced by using ‘Lyocell’ method and ‘Modal’ method too.
Majorly Rayon is considered as a versatile fiber and is a widely accepted fabric as a very comfortable product like the natural fiber. Whereas, the drape and slipperiness of Rayon are quite similar to the Nylon fabric. Rayon fiber can be dyed and produced in a wide color range.
The chemical ‘Carbon Disulfide’ used in producing Rayon Fiber is very toxic. However, before the final product reaches the customer the effectiveness of this chemical is lost. Whereas, the chemical adversely affect to those who had to work with this chemical i.e. the workers were very much affected by this chemical. It causes severe effects and rate of disability varies to the worker as much they get exposed to the chemical.