What year was Safety Pin invented and how?

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What year was Safety Pin invented and how?

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‘Safety Pin’ was invented in the year 1849. The inventor of Safety Pin is “Walter Hunt”.

What year was Safety Pin invented and how?
Safety Pins are usually used to fasten the two pieces of clothes together. These Safety Pins are available in different sizes to fulfill the different requirements. It is made with a single piece of wire, which is coiled in the form of spring at one end and a separate clap and a pointed pin at another end. Which allows the pointed side of the wire to be forced by the spring into the clap. It was the first of its type and works well in keeping fingers safe from injury.
Walter Hunt get the U.S. Patent Number 6,281 for his invention of Safety Pin on April 10, 1849. But later he sold his patent to ‘W.R. Grace and Company’ with an amount of $400. Whereas, due to this the company made Millions of Dollars in profit with his invention.
Walter Hunt was the Mechanic by profession and hails from Martinsburg, New York, in the United States of America. He invented many other instruments like Fountain Pen, Sewing Machine, Flax Spinner, Knife Sharpener, Streetcar Ball, Hard Coal Burning Stove, Street Sweeping Machinery, Velocipedes, Mail Making Machinery, and Ice Plough. He was a kind of great genius at finding simple improvements for everyday objects.
This invention made him into debt under $15, which he got from his friend. So, to fulfill his debt need, he sold his patent to the company ‘W.R. Grace and Company’ in $400. He used that money to repay his debt of $15 and kept the remaining amount for himself. And he failed to realize that with this invention he could earn a huge amount of royalty over it and support himself for further work and inventions.