When was the My Unforgettable Memories written?

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When was the My Unforgettable Memories  written?

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My Unforgettable Memories is a memoir which has been translated from Bengali to English by Nandini Sengupta. The11th CM of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee who has penned down more than 50 books in her lifespan narrates every minute details of her life. She was born on 5th January 1955 in a middle-class Bengali Brahmin Family. In this, she narrates her childhood and when her father Promileshwar Banerjee moved to Calcutta how she ran after street food. She tells how close she was to her father in her younger as and it was due to her father who was Congress leader at that time goaded her to take the path of politics. She pursued her master’s in Islamic history from the University of Calcutta.When was the My Unforgettable Memories  written?

This book contains her detailed political career, how she joined Congress and was very close to Rajiv and how bitterness grew gradually when he died and thus she formed a party of her own named Trinamool Congress. The book throws light on her struggle and scuffle with CPI(M) and how she was slashed by CPI(M) workers with the connivance of police. She had again neck to neck with the opposition over Nandigram Singoor over TATA Land project.

This memoir is a poignant and forthright account of her trials and tribulations, which have inevitably contributed to both her personality and her role as a politician.

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