When was the The Narrow Road to the Deep North written?

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When was the The Narrow Road to the Deep North  written?

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The novel ‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North’ was written by Australian novelist “Richard Miller Flanagan”. The book was published on September 23, 2013, under the ‘Random Publication House’. The book received a good critical acclamation after its release, as well as the writer won the ‘Man Booker Prize’ in the year 2014. 

When was the The Narrow Road to the Deep North  written?

The book is based on August 1943 incidences, it narrates the cruelty of war, hardship of life and the impossibility of love. The surgeon from Australia Dorrigo Evans was haunted by his love affair with his uncle’s young wife. He was struggling to save a man from starvation, Cholera, and then he received a letter which changes his life forever. It is a beautiful story which narrates the various phases of life like Love, Death, War and truth, and many other. He finds himself as the prisoner of war. But after the war, he realized that he is being a celebrity as a war hero, whereas, with his sense, he found himself failing and guilty.

 Richard was considered as the finest novelist of Australia in his generation. His many books received numerous awards, honors, and critical acclamation. He is not only a novelist, whereas he has written and Directed Movies also. In 1996, he won the award of ‘National Fiction Award’ for his book ‘Death of a River Guide’. In 1998, he received the ‘National Booksellers Award’ and ‘Victorian Premier’s Prize’ for his book ‘The Sound of One Hand Clapping’. In 2002, he won the ‘Commonwealth Writer’s Prize’ for his book ‘Gould’s Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish’. For his book ‘Wanting’ he received the award in 2008, ‘Western Australian Premier’s Literary Award for Fiction’; in 2009, ‘Queensland Premiers’ Literary Award for Fiction’; and in 2011, the ‘Tasmania Book Prize’. Ass well as, he received many other awards for his further writings.