When was the Objective Railway Engineering-Track, Works & Others written?

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When was the Objective Railway Engineering-Track, Works & Others written?

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Engineering of Railways Track, Works, and Other Areas of Railway Engineering is the first book of its kind to address all aspects of railway engineering, including track engineering, railway works engineering and other related topics. Surveying, construction, water supply, and sanitary engineering, railway stations and passenger amenities, and briefly all allied topics related to railway engineering such as signal engineering, mechanical engineering, establishment rules, railway finances, material management, and so on are covered.

This book is designed specifically for railway engineers to use on a daily basis in the field and to pass departmental exams such as the LDCE and UPSC engineering services exams.

It is a valuable reference book for all technical people as well as libraries and institutions involved in the technical activity. The book is 800 pages long and contains 350 drawings and images, as well as 3000 objective-type questions to help readers explain their thoughts.

Field engineers will benefit greatly from the useful tables and charts, which include thumb rules.

M.M. Agarwal, a former chief engineer of the Indian Railways, has written seven books on various aspects of railway technology. Indian Railway Track, Railway Works Engineering, Objective Railway Engineering, Indian Railway Safety, Railway Engineering, and Hindi literature such as Rail Path Parichaya, Rail Nirman, and Pul Engineering are among them.

On January 1, 2016, Prabha & Co. launched a book.