What is internet neutrality ?

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Sanat Shukla asked 21-Aug-2018 in Technology by Sanat Shukla

Please describe in details.

and   Why did Facebook want to use it in India?

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Anonymous User answered 23-Aug-2018 by Anonymous User

This is a concept by which each and everything available on the web is treated equally with online traffic, whether it is email, social media post, voice call, shopping or YouTube video.

This means that access to the web without restriction and discrimination, and it ensures that the Internet is free and open – it not only prevents broadband providers from blocking the content, but also for the benefit of the fast delivery service. There is also a ban on demanding more payments.

But now it is currently in danger in America and some of the biggest names in Tech are trying to save it.

How does the Internet currently work?

Right now, Internet Service Providers are not allowed to provide preferential treatment for some types of data. Regardless of whether you are opening any website, whether it is Google, Facebook or any other small website, your internet service providers share these connections equally and send you data from the same speed. They are not allowed to slow or fast any special traffic. 

Which means that one set of data cannot move beyond another data set to quickly reach your destination.
In this way, the Internet has always worked for most of the time, and this rule is currently in effect.

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