Which was India's first 4 valve bike?

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 Which was India's first 4 valve bike?

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"The Indian Four"

Claimed power35hp @ 3,600rpm (est.)

Top speed 90mph
Engine77.21ci (1,265cc) exhaust-over-inlet inline four, 2.75in x 3.25in bore and stroke
Weight (wet)77.21ci (1,265cc) exhaust-over-inlet inline four, 2.75in x 3.25in bore and stroke
Fuel capacity/MPG 4gal (15ltr)/40-50mpg
Price then/now: NA/$25,000-$50,000

Price then/now: NA/$25,000-$50,000

The Indian Four was India’s first 4 valve bike designed in the way of it was one of the most famous cruisers composed by William Henderson in 1919. The Ace was controlled by a bay over-fumes inline 4-barrel motor, with a chain last drive. It was smooth and quick, yet the organization that manufactured it had endured genuine mishaps.

Henderson was killed in a mishap in December 1922, and the organization's budgetary administration got more terrible. After two separate rearrangements, the licenses and staying stock for Ace were purchased by Indian in mid-1927.

After the whole incident later in the year 1920s, Indian's administration bought down the Ace's. At one time one of the biggest cruiser organizations on the planet, Indian had been controlled by proficient administration writes and lenders since World War I.

These heads were considerably more inspired by here and now pick up than the long haul reasonability of the organization. In the year 1929, there were several modifications been done in the Indian four as the crankshaft was replaced with a chrome-nickel bearing shaft which was more complex and durable which gave a lightning fast speed with a smooth riding experience.  

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