Which is the best Bollywood movie of 2017?

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Akash Ahlawat asked 22-Jul-2018 in Bollywood & Celebrities by Akash Ahlawat

Which is the best Bollywood movie of 2017?

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Harsh Pandey answered 04-Jun-2020 by Harsh Pandey

Bahubali 2: Conclusion was arguably the best movie of 2017.  It is the second part of the main movie Bahubali. It is directed by famous South Indian Cinema filmmaker S.Rajamouli. It was made on a budget of 250 crores INR and it crossed more than 1100 crores at the box office which is a whopping figure. 

15 members of the Rajamouli family worked on the series. The climax sequence, alone, cost 30 crores. There were 2500 VFX shots in the movie. The budget for the whole series comes up to ₹430 crores. The film won various awards and nominations across the film festivals and award shows in the world. 

You should definitely watch Bahubali series If you have not but take it as fiction and not as mythology which some left minded morons take as. Go for it as it is the best of 2017 and definitely one of the all-time best ones.