Why was India called the Golden Bird?

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Why was India called the Golden Bird?

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India was a nation which had everything, from cash to gold to creatures to magnificence. India was the wealthiest land in the old circumstances and thus it was called ' sone ki chidiya'. In the seventeenth century, the exchange was done in return of gold coins and bars. The way that India is wealthy in each conceivable metal expected to make the framework, exchange with India was not a cheap arrangement.  

Why was India called the Golden Bird?

The place that is known for flavors, cotton, and press weapons had a great deal to offer. In the seventeenth century, India was a noteworthy exporter of materials, flavors, pearls, and sugar and iron weapons. India did not require any import whatsoever.

The measure of revenue that India was making was incomprehensible. We as a whole realize that India is no more the “sone ki chidiya” on account of an exceptionally straightforward certainty that we were excessively fortunate regarding assets yet exceedingly unfortunate if there should be an occurrence of sparing our country. Relatively every nation attacked us to lead us, however, while we were getting battered and wounded and were battling among each other, the assets were gradually and relentlessly reducing.

The British utilized the separation and discount to cross us as well. The weakest point and the most grounded point continues as before for our situation, DIVERSITY. We are a diverse country, brimming with societies, customs, dialects, sustenance yet we couldn't deal with it. We are as yet battling for our personalities while we disregard the way this is our character.

Regardless, there are a few realities that express that why our country was known as the brilliant winged creature recorded further.

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India is considered as the place where most primitive civilizations flourished. Many historians while their research pointed out that it was the land of treasure, wealth and economy. The major reason for India being quoted as ‘Golden Bird’ because of its abundant raw materials and the availability of precious stones. Mauryans had economical relation with countries like Syria, Egypt, and Greek. On this note, we can assume that was the trade hub of its time. Its maritime boundaries had such an ideal viewpoint that ships from all across the world sail through India.

Why was India called the Golden Bird?Gold the precious stone was found first in India only. There are many ancient references stating that Gold was traded from India to other parts of the world.It is also vividly written in Greek mythology that the pearls which Julius Caesar presented to mother of Brutus and the famous earring of Queen Cleopatra were also traded from India..
India was the first country which started the barter system. We had various currencies introduced by different kings. Earlier than these currencies it had silver coins under prevalence. The first code of law or constitution for any kingdom was enumerated by Chanakya for Mauryan dynasty. Arthsashtra \which still existed. Various form of business practices flourished at that time one among them was famous ‘SRENI’ which dated back to 800 BC though many claims it to be much older even.
Indian economy was at its zenith between 1AD and 1000 AD, making it as the world largest economy with GDP of more than 33.8 million dollars. India had 1.5 more GDP than Britain in 1600 when East India was formed. Famous English writer termed India as the land of dreams and Romance, mother of legend, great-grandmother of traditions, the birthplace of human speech. He further says that it is land of wise and fool, rich and poor, bond and free, the land which all men desire to see and cradle of the human race.
Kohinoor diamond was once the largest diamond of the world. It is said that diamond is of 5000 years and was called as Syamantaka jewel. Raja Of Gwalior owned this diamond in the 13th century. It got transferred in hand of many Indian as well as Persian rulers. In 1851, Queen Vicotria was handed over the stone and is still in control of the British Government.
Why was India called the Golden Bird?
The first urban civilization which developed in the world was Harapan civilization which rest of the world copied from us. World’s oldest university which imparted education to the students from all across the world was Takshsila University. Nalanda University which was an eminent place of learning long before Oxford, Cambridge, and Europe’s Bologna university drew scholars from all across the world. It is widely known that when Bakhtiyar Kaki burned and demolished university in 1193 the library had a huge number of books which kept on burning for months.
Why was India called the Golden Bird?
 The glorious past of India attracted numerous invaders, traders, and sailors. Colombus who first sailed for India but eventually reached America. Later Vasco da Gama reached India in 1498 and plundering of Indian economy started. After the advent of Britishers who came to India in 1600 in search of spices got settled here while noticing the vast availability of the raw material of their industries.  

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