how many times mohammad ghazni attacked india ?

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how many times mohammad ghazni attacked india ?

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Mahmood Ghajnavi, ruler of Ghajini who ruled from 971 to 1030 AD. He was the son of Subkagan. Attracted by the wealth of India, Gajnavi attacked India many times. Actually, Gajnavi attacked India 17 times. The main purpose of his invasion was to rob Indian property.

how many times mohammad ghazni attacked india ?

First invasion (1001 AD) - Mahmud Ghazni made his first invasion in 1001 AD and returned to his country by taking possession of some parts of Peshawar.

Second invasion (1001-1002 AD) - Mahmud Ghazni led a battle against the imperial king Jaipal of the marginal territories under his second mission, in which Jaipal was defeated and took over his capital Jaihind. Jaipal couldn't accept his defeat and burnt himself in vain.

Third invasion (1004 AD) - Mahmud Ghaznavi invaded the rival Vazira, the ruler of the elite. Due to Mahmud's fear, Wajira ran to take shelter in the forest along the Indus River and in the end he committed suicide.

Fourth invasion (1005 AD) - In 1005 AD, Mahmud Ghazni marched against the ruler of Multan against Dawood. During this attack, he defeated Bhatinda's ruler Anandpal and subsequently defeated Dawood and forced him to accept subjection.

Fifth invasion (1007 AD) - Mahmud Ghaznavi had appointed Jaipal's grandson Sukhpal on the Ohind in Punjab. Sukhpal had embraced Islam and became known as Naushashah. In 1007 AD, Sukhpal had declared his independence. Mahmud Ghazni attacked Ohind and Naushashah was taken captive.

Sixth invasion (1008 AD) - The attack against Nagarkot in Mahmud Ghazni's sixth attack of 1008 AD is said to be the first significant victory against idolism.

Seventh Invasion (1009 AD) - Mahmud Ghazni under the attack conquered Narayanpur of Alwar state.

Eighth invasion (1010 AD) - Mahmud's eighth invasion was at Multan. By defeating the ruler Dawood there, he subjected the rule of Multan to its end forever.

Ninth invasions (1013 AD) - Mahmud Ghaznavi attacked Thaneswar under his ninth campaign.

Tenth Invasion (1013 AD) - Mahmood Ghazni carried out his tenth attack on NandShah. Hindu royalist Anandpal made Nandshah his new capital. The ruler of Nandshah Trilochan Pal was there. Trilochanpal escaped from there and took refuge in Kashmir.

Eleventh invasion (1015 AD) - This invasion of Mahmud was against the son of Trilochanpal's son, who was ruling Kashmir. Bhimpal was defeated in the war.

Twelfth Invasion (1018 AD) - In his twelfth campaign, Mahmud Ghazni attacked Kannauj. He defeated the ruler of Bulandshahar, Haradatta. He also attacked Mahaban's ruler Bulachand. In 1019 AD, he again attacked Kannauj. There the ruler of the country surrendered without war. With this surrender by the Governor, the Chandel ruler of Kalinjar got angry. He made an alliance with the ruler of Gwalior and attacked Kannauj and killed the governor.

The thirteenth invasion (1020 AD) - The thirteenth invasion of Mahmud was in 1020 AD. In this campaign, he won the Bari, Bundelkhand, Kirat and Lohkot etc.

Fourteenth invasion (1021 AD) - During his fourteenth invasion, Mahmud attacked Gwalior and Kalinjar. Kalinjer's ruler Gonda got constrained and made a treaty.

The fifteenth invasion (1024 AD) - Mahmud Ghazni in this campaign conquered Lodurg (Jaisalmer), Chikodor (Gujarat), and Anhilvad (Gujarat).

Sixteenth invasion (1025 AD) - In this 16th campaign Mahmud Ghaznavi targeted Somnath. This campaign was most important in all its campaigns. After conquering Somnath, he broke the famous temples there and received immense wealth. This temple was famous for its immense property on the coast of Gujarat. While plundering this temple, Mahmud slaughtered almost 50,000 Brahmins and Hindus. This was the last attack of Mahmud outside Punjab.

Seventh Invasion (1027 AD) -This was Mahmud Ghazni's last attack. This invasion was against the Jats in Sindh and Multan's coastal areas. Jats were defeated in this.
Mahmud Ghazni attacked the Somnath Temple in 1025 AD so that the money inside the temple could be robbed of the property and robbed it. During his last attack, Mahmud Ghaznavi died due to malaria in 1030 AD.