Who are the worst Bollywood actors?

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Harsh Srivastava asked 18-Jun-2018 in Bollywood & Celebrities by Harsh Srivastava

Who are the worst Bollywood actors?

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Vishal Kesarwani answered 18-Jun-2018 by Vishal Kesarwani

Listing down some of the worst actors in Bollywood: 

Uday Chopra 

Who are the worst Bollywood actors?

Child of Yash Chopra and sibling of Aditya Chopra, it was very simple for him to get propelled… however this person doubtlessly doesn't know much about acting… or I should say he knows excessively in regards to acting on the grounds that the majority of the circumstances he is over acting… His failures incorporate Neal n Nikki and Pyaar Impossible.

Himesh Reshammiya
Who are the worst Bollywood actors?
He is a capable music executive. I would even go the extent that adage that he is a not too bad artist as well. Affirm, might be most certainly not! In any case, performing artist? Who requesting that he turn into an on-screen character? It appears like all the cash that his singing got, he put into turning into an on-screen character himself. 10 films later, he is as yet attempting to become well known as an on-screen character.

Tushar Kapoor
Who are the worst Bollywood actors?
He is acclaimed for his"aa ee" discourse in Golmaal however in the event that he needs to figure out acceptable behavior is heading out to workout.Working in porn motion pictures can just motivation more scorn from the general population to Tusshar.He as of late worked in Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 which was normal and Mastizaade which was a super disaster.Hence both were porn motion pictures.  

Adhyayan Suman
Who are the worst Bollywood actors?
The child of the ruler entertainer of Bollywood Shekhar Suman is a terrible on-screen character and he worked in films like Himmatwala, Ishq Click, and Heartless. Because of his acting, it was one explanation for the disappointment of Heartless.

Fardeen Khan 
Who are the worst Bollywood actors?
He has just a single articulation and he figured out how to assume every one of the parts, he was offered, with it. He gave his beginning and end so as to obliterate the open silliness of All the Best and No Entry, yet because of some not too bad on-screen characters, those motion pictures were spared. At present Found Nowhere. By the way, no one is searching for him.


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Prakash nidhi Verma answered 19-Jun-2018 by Prakash nidhi Verma
Where Bollywood is today on the heels of the success. Bollywood  "JALWA"  spreads all over the world.There are also some Garbage actor in Bollywood, Oop's they are in Bollywood. really, I can't understand, How?
By the way come on the point. so, some Bollywood worst actor with terrible trash acting is listed below so, Let's start with counting back :

                     He is a good music director/composer after being a successful music director he tried his hands in acting but not received a good response  because of bad Acting skills. 

                         Younger brother of Salman Khan and Husband of Malaika Arora and Producer of Dabbang(A Furs famous movie).This is comparative equivalent to his another younger brother Sohail khan for poor acting. 

                   I think everyone would have expected him in this list. BTW, He has been mistakenly taken in all parts of movie (DHOOM) forever.

                 very famous with the name of KRK but he is totally opposite from SRK as a actor.You have never seen him in any film but he is always trending on social media with his stupidity. Many people think the name of KRK is like a abuse. 

                Yass, Salman khan / Sallu bhai is taking the first place in this worst actor's Aquarius list.they fully support their brothers for Decrease and  Poisonous acting. He is Actor, Director, Singer, Dancer, shooter(only for deer), Driver(only on  footpath), Single(unmarried). His popularity across all over india. he is good social  worker with charity/foundation by BEING HUMAN,really this  is a  appreciative work as a Human, I will admire them for this work. but as a actor his acting is worth than cow-dung. when you can search on google for worst actor in bollywood, you will find them. 

Thank you so much :) _^_

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