Who are the best professors at IIT Roorkee?

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Jyoti Ajgaonkar asked 12-Jun-2018 in Career and Education by Jyoti Ajgaonkar

Who are the best professors at IIT Roorkee?

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Vishal Kesarwani answered 15-Jun-2018 by Vishal Kesarwani
“IIT Roorkee”
An exceptional teacher knows how to bring out the best from a student. Here I am listing down some of the best professors at IIT Roorkee: 

Dr. Debashish Ghosh 

He is extremely proficient, has a kind heart and dependably wears a grin. Most educators is by and large disappointed with understudies and need them to take after the requests and train with a robot like exactness. He would educate with full commitment regardless of whether nobody is tuning in without holding any feelings of spite for understudies.

Dr. Vipul Rastogi 

He is a decent educator and again concerned more about instructing 'material science' than disciplinary lessons.  

Dr. Alok Mishra 

He is one of those quirky folks that we find in Hollywood films and TV arrangement. I have not communicated much with him but rather have heard parcel about his forefront examine.

Dr. A J Mishra 

 He is practical and effortlessly congenial. He is a motion picture buff. As I have heard, he is a decent instructor and shows two electives which merit examining.

Prof D K Mehra

He is educator emeritus at EC division. He is one of those uncommon educators who really have a specialist on their branch of knowledge. He is mild-mannered. I feel he is extremely kind however I have heard inverse stories too. He is exceptionally old yet keep on teaching likely in light of the fact that there is nobody to fill his shoes in the division.

Dr. Anand Bulusu 

Numerous would contend his showing aptitudes however he is the main educator I have seen who might go to any length to ensure understudies' interests. He heartlessly scrutinizes unreasonable approaches of the University of Roorkee. When he scratched off VLSI end term down to earth exam on the grounds that as per him 3-hour long end assessment would not bode well in that subject. At last, he needed to pull back his choice in light of the fact that our HOD was not glad. He likewise began the act of open book tests in our area of expertise.