Can money overlap anything in this world?

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Happiness is an intrinsic factor in our lives. It is subjective; which means something that makes you happy may not necessarily make the other person happy too.
But money is an extrinsic factor as it gives sufficiency and abundance to everyone irrespective of anything. That’s why people chase money during the early years of their life. They strive to multiply their wealth and create something beautiful out of it.

Let’s examine what is the connection between happiness & money:

No one can buy happiness at a store through money. But it could surely help in achieving happiness. For example, a person who was always struck with poverty got enough money to purchase a mobile phone would buy it. He will get a sense of achievement/possession after buying a mobile phone but not happiness. People may diversely translate the idea of happiness by saying, “Oh! I’m so happy after buying this phone” but the reality is different.

He would experience a bundle of joy after being able to buy the thing he always wanted. But that joy would be limited till the transaction is complete & his dream phone is in his hand. After that what will truly make him happy is being able to connect with his loved ones through calls/messages. He will get a sense of happiness after seeing/hearing them & connecting through the world on social media.

Then what about the fact that “money is happiness?”

It’s an illusion of happiness. Money could help you reach your source of happiness through its ability to generate value. But it cannot produce happiness for you.
It’s simple. Just think about it: Which industry manufactures the abstract called happiness? NONE!

Can money overlap anything in this world?

Money may increase the wealth accumulation and ability to purchase things which you always wanted. But after a point of time when your home is filled with “stuff of happiness” will you conserve them for a lifetime? Will you conserve your wealth for a lifetime without spending a penny out of it, if money is happiness for you? NO! Because you are aware that “things” and “wealth” cannot be conserved, just like human beings.
Everything has an expiry date. So, you should strive to conserve elements that are immortal, like morality & values, spirituality, love, gratitude, meditative practices, and the social fabric.
Money is only able to help you achieve happiness to an extent by consuming the goods and services it purchases. Beyond that, you have to carve your own happiness through non-financial means too.

Therefore, money can't overlap a lot of things in this world.

Apart from the financially available things like goods and services, money cannot procure or overlap a lot of things.

  • The skill to meditate
  • Spirituality 
  • Freedom 
  • Love and Affection
  • Sense of Self
  • Commitment and Confidence
  • Moral Values.