Who is the strongest character in the Marvel Universe?

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Tarun Kumar asked 10-May-2018 in Entertainment & Arts by Tarun Kumar

Who is the strongest character in the Marvel Universe?

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Well, the whole Marvel superheroes are loaded up with some kind of special super powers and heroic stuff. And being one of the biggest Marvel fan for me to answer this question is conjointly interesting as well as a toughie.
Who is the strongest character in the Marvel Universe?

But as recently I watched Avengers: Infinity War it would be not inappropriate to call “Thanos” one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Listing down the things which make him one of the most brutal and strongest characters of MCU:

Superhuman Strength:
Being an Eternal, Thanos has superhuman quality, perseverance, reflexes, and nimbleness. He is almost safe, ready to persevere through extraordinary warmth, icy, energies, radiation, and toxic substances. Because of his hereditary legacy, Thanos is safe to mature or ailment.

Telepathy and the ability to control others mind:
His brain is safe to most types of mystic attacks. He can read the psyches of an individual and utilize it against them. He has even personality controlled Hulk to whom generally mystic assault doesn't work in view of outrageous outrage.

Who is the strongest character in the Marvel Universe?

Vitality Manipulation:
As his change enabled Thanos to ingest the grandiose vitality, he through his supernatural systems enlarged his energy and can control the vast vitality in the way he needs it to like radiating inestimable vitality impacts from his hands, eyes, body thus on. He can likewise utilize this vitality to make a power field as his shield.

His God-like physiology alongside his transformation and techniques, experiments and dim enchantment he devised throughout the years enables him to be very strong in a fight. He has effortlessly gotten over the assaults from effective creatures in the universe. He even survived to the max from Black Bolt.

Who is the strongest character in the Marvel Universe?

Thanos was conceived with superhuman insight and has spent quite a bit he could ever imagine procuring information. While in the administration of Mistress Death, he invested a lot of energy looking into the Infinity Well and learning 'insider facts' of the cosmic system.

Now, he has also grasped all the infinity stones he has become more restless and fierce too....!