What was a feature of Hamilton's "British Plan" for government?

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What was a feature of Hamilton's 'British Plan' for government?

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Hamilton proposed another administration in view of a model he and alternate representatives knew well, Hamilton upheld for all intents and purposes getting rid of state sway, taking note of that insofar as there was the capacity to be had in the states, individuals would seek to procure that power, to the weakness of the country overall. 

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His arrangement included:
  • A bicameral governing body.
  • The lower house, the Assembly, was chosen by the general population for multi-year terms.  
  • The upper house, the Senate, chosen by balloters picked by the general population, and with an existing term of administration.
  • An official called the Governor, chosen by voters and with an existing term of administration.  
  • The Governor had a flat-out veto over bills.  
  • A legal, with life-terms of administration.  
  • State governors named by the national lawmaking body.  
  • National veto control over any state enactment.  

Hamilton announced his arrangement to the Convention on June 18, 1787

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