what is the difference between sql and sqlite?

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Prateek sharma asked 06-Apr-2018 in Android by Prateek sharma

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Arti Mishra answered 11-Apr-2018 by Arti Mishra

Difference between SQL and SQLite


  • SQL stands for Structure Query Language that is used for Relation Database Management System. It is generally written in C Language.
  •  SQL specifies how relational schema are created, and data is properly inserted or deleted in the relational database and also check transaction are begin or stopped etc.
  •  SQL is a query language not a database which is used in different SQL database.
  •  SQL Language provides a lot of functionality to connect Oracle DB.
  •  SQL Language is used in different databases like MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 etc.
  •  SQL language are used to perform different operation like DDL (Data Definition Language), DML (Data Manipulation Language), DQL (Data Query Language), DCL(Data Control language) etc.


  •  SQLite is an Integrated Relational Database Management System which is written in ANSI-C (American National Standards Institute-C).
  •  SQLite is file-based database. It is different from other database because it doesn’t have any server process.
  •  SQLite is a database management system which is uses SQL language for query processing.
  •  SQLite doesn’t provide any functionality.
  •  SQLite is used in desktop and mobile applications.
  •  SQLite does not support any stored procedure and it contain different feature of SQL Language.
  •  SQLite only use in android development.