how a listview is different from recylcerview?

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Prateek sharma asked 06-Apr-2018 in Android by Prateek sharma

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Arti Mishra answered 19-Apr-2018 by Arti Mishra
Difference between ListView & RecyclerView in Android:
ListView :

In Android ListView is a UI components that contain the group of or list of items and display in a scrollable list format. ListView contain default scrollable property and it can’t use other scrollable view. It is implementing by importing the package android.widgets.ListView. By using ListView you can select any list item by clicking on item. Generally, in android ListView displayed a list of contact in your phone and by clicking on it user information will be displayed.


RecyclerView is advanced and implement version of ListView and GridView classes that is used to improve the performance of pages. If you want to display scrolling list of components on big data then you should must be used RecyclerView. It is implementing by using the package android.widgets.RecyclerView. RecyclerView add the advance feature for animating (removing & adding) the list of item. It display the List of items in proper format.
RecyclerView class allow to use different type of layout managers for positioning the list of items. RecyclerView classes uses a ViewHolder classes to store the address or reference of the views.

how a listview is different from recylcerview?