Who is the writer of the Novel "The Golden House"?

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Who is the writer of the Novel "The Golden House"?

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*Salman Rushdie*

Who is the writer of the Novel "The Golden House"?

An outstanding essayist and a novelist. Most of his early works had taken up the floor over the subcontinent of India. His way of offering facts are categorized as enchanted truths, while a prominent motif of his art is the tale of the disruptions, migration and the connections between the Western and the Eastern World.

Talking about his fourth fiction, The Satanic Verses, a tale about the riot from the Muslims in various countries, of which were brutal in nature. Initiated by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, was the Supreme Leader of Iran, made them face the fatwa and the threat of death which led a call of death for him, he was underground nearly for a decade only revealing his appearance at public events seldom.
Who is the writer of the Novel "The Golden House"?
In the year of 2007, June, Rushdie was appointed to be the “Knight Bachelor” of “Services of Literature”, which made him feel “Excited and Embarrass” him at the same time. In the year of 2007, he initiated a 5-year tenure as the Renowned Writer in Residence at the University of Emory.

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About “The Golden House”:
Who is the writer of the Novel "The Golden House"?
While Nero Golden, a compelling real-estate magnate migrates to the United State, under enigmatic situations, he along with his three grown-ups confiscated with a new identity, took “Roman” identity and advanced into the grandiose mansion in the town of Manhattan. Propelling shortly post the induction of Mr. Barak Obama, he along with his sons get going with the establishment of themselves at the pinnacle of the city of New York.

The tale of the compelling Golden Family is been narrated from the point of view of their Manhattanite friend who stays next to them, René, a remarkable filmmaker who discovered in the Golden’s an impeccable affair. René chronicles the tale of the House of Golden: unveiling the life of fashion and art, an unexpected metamorphosis, money, sibling quarrel, encounter with a beautiful lady, treachery, and bloodshed, and long way, into their deserted homeland, some brilliant art.

Conjuring pop culture, the cinema, and literature, Rushdie portrays the tale up-side down of the American soul for the time over the period of eight long years, touching every nook: the rise of the Birther Movement, the Party at tea, Identity Politics and the Gamergate; the backlash against political correctness; the ascendency of the superhero movie, and the involvement of the ferociously earnest, self-centered, media-savvy sinner wearing coloured hair and a make-up.

In this brand new world to consider the order of the fact of possible truths, he has penned down the phenomenal tale about the truth, lies, identity, and terror. A compelling, breathtaking truth based paperback that is not only uncannily far-sighted but also portrays of the world’s renowned chronicler working at the zenith of his authorization.

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