What is the best place to visit in Singapore?

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What is the best place to visit in Singapore?

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It is always been fun to pen-down my experience for the places… which had blown my mind! And still, when it flashbacks, I feel mesmerized by that roller-costar ride of my thoughts about it…!

Here, I go with my experience for this fascinating place…. Singapore!!!

The initial place that… I placed my feet on was the…

SuperTree Grove Light Show:

The experience in one word is just… “Wow!!!” I mean phenomenal seriously! It was like a dream which, I could not urge but an essence of a fairy world which, I have entered into…

Just the way “Me in Wonderland”… Hmmm!!!

Every evening is charged by the Garden Rhapsody, a show which is organized in the Bay of a Garden. The innovative looking mushrooms are been blown in sync with the music beats. Every design would brilliantly be tuned to form an aura that blends you with an exotic feeling of fascination and would trigger a spark in your mind!

Even though it might be your 4th trip to this place, but I suggest never miss a chance to peep into this fanatic place as the pattern of their bloom is new every time to make you fall in love more with it! As when I went for the prime time the pattern was formed with a European music and later when I went it was a tapping its feet on the Chinese music. Well! Both the experiences were no wonder “Sensational!”
Well! My level of admiration for this place is so much that, I prefer everyone to see this as it is marvelous and beyond anybody’s expectation… It has been my world where I want my parents to sit back and enjoy!

Water Show Accompanied with Sensational Light:

Another gratis treat for your eyes is this place in Singapore where you can linger around treating your evening, a phenomenal taste of technology- The Wonder Full Light and Water Show.

This is the blend of the choreography of the water splashes and the projections which sing a hymn for making your weekend a worth..! An ambiance is been created which is surrounded by the bubbles and this feast runs every day- So don’t miss a chance to grab on a good date with yourself!

The Cloud Forest:

You still might be wondering about the fact that, how would a concrete jungle might look like? I meant to say a real jungle structured on Concrete!

The Settlers of this place have forged a brand new concept of planted walls and artificial waterfall which gives you the taste of hypnagogic!
What is the best place to visit in Singapore?
You could also take in the knowledge about unique plants, take some great snaps, get yourself pulled by this magnificent view from the Marina Bay Sands and take a tour of this man-made heaven…
This Concrete jungle also features a hill of altitude approx. 35 meters which are camouflaged in lush flora and owns the world’ tallest artificial waterfall ever constructed!

Hanging on the Singapore Botanic Gardens:

I am just in love with “Greens” and they too include the Botanical Gardens. I think I have included this itinerary for every place, I visit..!

Singapore owns a beautiful botanical park. You can just get lost while a wander in its alley. Its ambiance is fresh, ordered and modern in its structure. Then, out of a blue, you would be encountering a giant water monitor lizard right in front of you!

Well, its entry is completely free of any charges, but I suggest you give a visit to the National Orchid Garden. You smile will be bloomed seeing the gazillion new type of orchid with a subtle fragrance matching up with the sweet synthetic beauty that could be seen, unless you have been an Orchid Expert..!
The variant in the kind of orchid you would be surrounded with! Well, a great news for selfie lovers and the one who has interest in shooting a picture… I took many of them!
You would find this place in the garden but it cost you separately for the entrance.

Roaming the Singapore Zoo:

Singapore Zoo has been one of the top tourist attraction places.
You can have a look at pygmy hippos, lions, rhinoceroses, otters, giant crocodiles, orangutans, zebras, and many more surprises for the animal lovers!
You have 4 option to choose from:

1. Jurong Birds Park:

More than 400 species of the bird under which 5000 birds have the home at this park well it is the largest free-flying aviaries present across the globe.

2. River Safari:

It comprises of the more than 6000 animals which include 40 threatening species and has the worlds’ largest collection of freshwater fauna.

3. Singapore Zoo: 

Have to look to this place where you would be meeting 2800 animals comprised of over 300 species of reptiles, mammals, and birds.

4. Night Safari:

Go through the platform where you can witness the naturalistic habitat of the animals at night-time with more than 1000 of animals under one roof.
You can give a shot to all once if you are not running short of time or you can go for anyone according to your love for categories in animals. I chose for Singapore Zoo, but heard from the sources that Night Safari is pretty my cooler than this one!
Well, you would be entertained entire day long as the shows are been organized at each time, your boredom would be taken cared off entirely ;)
I would like to suggest that if you can go to the Zoo if kids are with you, or in you have stacked yourself with more than a three days travel plans.

Haw Par Villa:

Looking for some outlandish kinds of stuff…
Then you are most welcomed to see this place… Haw Par Villa! It is in those places which you would not be witnessing under the itinerary for tourists in Singapore.
World’s weirdest theme park found on earth, portraying scenes from Chinese folklore which comprises of more than 1000 statues.
Some of them are mentioned as demons pitchforking loan sharks in hell, an old woman being breastfed… Well, you might have got some idea about it..!
It is really been a compelling place for giving a shot, a visit! List it down under your itinerary, I promise you won’t regret! It is easily been reached by Metro and offers you with a gratis treat for your fascination then why not give it a try!

Hit on some Good Food on the Street:

My taste buds have started watering… As I am hell hungry!!!
The street food arena is absolutely is a-m-a-z-i-n-g while been Singapore! Well! You would enjoy hard there… to all the foodies out in that place!
You might have heard that Singapore comes under one of the expensive city in the world! But here you will be amazed at exceptionally cheap priced food!
It is a talk of thought for me how can a dish cost just $2-$3 when a kilo of tomatoes cost you the same in a supermarket!
I suggest a walk around China Town district and try out everything that appeals your taste… As the dishes are mouthwatering and the choice is just endless!
If you want someone to accompany you on this tour of China Town then get yourself geared with a 3.5 hours Food Adventurer. You would never forget the feast on the goodies which include in the chicken rice, rice cakes, poh piah and many more thing..!
But wait! You also might want to check out those scenic restaurants in Singapore as well!

Go on the Rooftop Bar and have a Sip of Singapore Sling:
What is the best place to visit in Singapore?
Just take a few moments out of your busy plans, and climb up to the innovative skyscrapers for a phenomenal view of the city’s Skyline!

Check out these places for your taste:
1. The prime location is the situated at the top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel and you would not be charged for walking up… It is recognized as KuDeTa. It is right over the SkyPark Observation Deck. For visiting SkyPark you would be charged… I suggest to directly hit to KuDeTa and spend your money over a drink. What say?
What is the best place to visit in Singapore?
2. The other rooftop is One Altitude, which I personally recommend as it is been the tallest building in the country!
What is the best place to visit in Singapore?
Well, my personal experience for One Altitude was marvelous than KuDeTa, as would be getting a view of Marina Bay Sands and highly spacious offering you a 360-degree view.
The Feel for its entrance is $30 SGD if you reach up to this place before 9 pm, and $5 more if you are late… Ohoooooo! 1 drink would be included in the same…
Talking about the dress code, as this place is quite fancy hence only smart casuals are allowed.

Visit Sentosa Island:
What is the best place to visit in Singapore?
Now, I am just tired of the sightseeing…So I gave myself a break for relaxation at this beach…at Singapore!
Sentosa is the renowned island resort. But, don’t expect a Bounty Commercial Type beach out of this place. An honest review… it is really far from the beauty of the Malaysian Island of Langkawi. Otherwise, if I talk it is very easy for folks to get to the beach in Singapore.

Capture The Spectacular View From The Singapore Flyer:
What is the best place to visit in Singapore?
Hold on your observation skill and compare the panoramic view you might have experienced all the city! It claims to be the Asia’s Largest Ferris Wheel! You get going with the breathtaking sight of the Singapore City from an altitude of 165 meters… With all the archetypal landmarks right in front of your eyes at a bird’s eye view! In a pleasant day can view the scene as far as Indonesia and Malaysia!
The full round takes approx. of 30 minutes and the fee that you would be charged if $ 33 for an adult. You also have the option of getting on your personal capsule where there would not be any photo poppers for you ;)… Or in case you want to celebrate some grand occasion take a Premium Champagne Flights!

Take a Tour of China Town and Treat yourself:
What is the best place to visit in Singapore?
The influence of China is a lot over this place as a lot of civilians are a Chinese descent.
 Tea houses, Flower Seller by the street side, wood carving shops- this multicultural place would portray the story if its ancestry. Head on to its mouthwatering dishes!
Get your ears burned with the early migrants of China.
Checking out the ancient temples around the city, Thian Hock Keng, an interesting fact about this temple is that this has been constructed by using a single nail!
Next, jump on the Sri Mariamman Temple-it is a vibrant Hindu Temple, brilliant location for Insta lovers!
There you go with a gratis treat for a walking lover, catch hold of this opportunity of getting a free walking tour around China Town every Tuesday!
What is the best place to visit in Singapore?
Last but not the least….
How can a travel be complete without stacking your bag with kinds of stuff by shopping...
So, here you go to the last destination of the journey..!

Go Shopping:
What is the best place to visit in Singapore?
Well, I am not that much crazy about shopping but, this place has completely changed my mind…
Shopping over here is amusing,- the shopping over here is not expensive as you could compare with the chain stores of North America and Europe.
As mentioned earlier this place hits the list of one of the most expensive places in the world, but when it comes over shopping, you can grab the great deals!
What is the best place to visit in Singapore?
My personal favorite was the Bugis Street. You would grab on here really cool kinds of stuff and place of great shopping arena keeping your pocket jumping with smile… Along with clothing, you can also get amazing accessories, shoes, and artifacts in the retro shops, a brilliant place for buying a souvenir…
You can also hit the night market of Bugis, is very popular among the youths and it is worth checking it out!
 Orchard Road offers around 22 Shopping malls with around a collection of 5000 brands to choose from!

Well, it went astoundingly for me...!
Hope you got an urge now within you to get yourself a treat by this place!

What is the best place to visit in Singapore?