Can I go to the gym if I am 16 years old, as I am very thin?

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asked 11-Mar-2018 in Health by samay srivastava
Can I go to the gym if I am 16 years old, as I am very thin?

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answered 23-Mar-2018 by Vishal Kesarwani

At such young age, you must be hearing a lot of things around you regarding going to the gym or not as there are a lot of rumors and hoax spread around that working out at such young age could limit the growth of your height as the muscles get contracted after a regular workout. 

But the fact is exercise and workout never have an adverse effect to a human body no matter at what age it is been practiced and it has nothing to do with the growth of an individual’s height.

But as you mentioned that you are thin and skinny there are few things you need to keep in mind:

Taking anabolic asteroids

Having a great physique is one of the mainstream fantasies of each and every individual who hits his teenage but you should have a clear objective that how you are going gain the perfect shape.
You must not get attracted by any individual to take those anabolic because they buff up your body and tone it in a very short period of time but affects you lately with serious problems which sometimes leads to death. 

 Weight training

Weight training is one of the foremost things which is been practiced in gyms but you should not do excessive weight training at such young age. You can go steadily and set your parameters according to your capability and pick up the weights which you’re ready for. 

Surveillance of trainer

Just like you follow each and everything your teacher says to you and follow it blindly in the gym you have to do the same when your trainer advises you something. The suggestion could be regarding the diet, exercise, postures, weight training, sets, reps etc.

Your diet 

Shredded body is considered as the best body unless and until you are having an intention of going in a bodybuilding, wrestling and weightlifting sort of streams. So as if you are thin and skinny you should not run after eating stuff which are having fat nutrients in it to gain weight or to buff yourself up.
Follow a basic diet chart which contains all the necessary nutrients and go for natural things. You can add up a glass of banana shake twice in your routine days it will help you up in putting on weight steadily.  

"Work until your idols become your rivals"