How can I do more pull-ups?

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samay srivastava asked 11-Mar-2018 in Health by samay srivastava
How can I do more pull-ups?

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'Pull-ups '

How can I do more pull-ups?

Well, the simple and straight answer for doing more pull-ups will be trying to do it more….!

But being a beginner it’s not that easy to do more and more pull-ups like your other workout mates. You have to develop that stamina which doesn’t come overnight and you have to work really hard to for it.

Pull-ups is one of the finest exercises which is recommended by fitness freaks and the reason why it’s one among the best exercise is that it covers the contraction of your whole upper body muscle in it.

Which means if you are not that interested in lifting weights and don’t want yourself in weight training sessions then too you can achieve an appealing shape of your body. And secondary thing why this exercise is more important to be practiced in another exercise because it boosts up the stamina if you take this exercise in practice.

How can I do more pull-ups?

So, in order to do more pull-ups, you need to be focused and push yourself more than ever…!

You can steadily have a count from 1st day and check what your body is capable of and similarly, you need to increase the number of times daily.

Start with day one and do 8 reps in a single set and do 3 set, keep in mind that you are not taking more than 90 seconds in between those sets. Just go with the same calculation in the first week but and keep on adding 1 more sets each day and after a week when you get habitual with it see increasing the number of reps.