The Planning Commission of India was constituted in which year?

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The Planning Commission of India was constituted in which year?

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"15th March 1950"

The Planning Commission of India was constituted in which year?

Just after our nation got independent from British rule in the year 1947 The Planning Commission was started by a Resolution of the govt of our country in March 1950 in pursuance of declared objectives of the govt. And a general model of planning commission was adopted.

To push a fast rise within the customary of living of the folks by economic exploitation of the resources of the country, increasing production and giving opportunities to any or all for employment within the service of the community.

The authority for making up the planning commission was not derived from our constitution as it was derived from the associated arm of the Central Government of India.
The first Five-year set up was launched in 1951 and 2 sequent five-year plans were developed until 1965, once there was a clear stage owing to the Indo-Pakistan Conflict.
2 sequent years of drought, devaluation of the currency, a general rise in costs and erosion of resources non-continuous the look method and when 3 Annual Plans between 1966 and 1969, the fourth Five-year set up was started in 1969. The Eighth set up couldn't set out in 1990 thanks to the quick dynamic political scenario at the Centre and therefore the years 1990-91 and 1991-92 were treated as Annual Plans. The Eighth set up was finally launched in 1992 at the time of the initiation of structural adjustment policies.
For the primary eight Plans the stress was on a growing public sector with large investments in basic and serious industries, however since the launch of the Ninth set up in 1997, the stress on the general public sector has quietened down pronounced and therefore the current thinking on designing within the country, in general, is that it ought to associate degree of an indicative nature.