What are the top niche skills in the IT industry?

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What are the top niche skills in the IT industry?

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IT industry is the largest growing sector in the Indian Economy, with a total predicted growth of 69% GDP share. Due to the increase in the regime of Artificial Intelligence, this sector is growing tremendously. Day-by-day, the work of IT engineers and developers is witnessing new turns. Be it in the advancement of supercomputers or even tiny ICs, developers are common in every field.

What are the top niche skills in the IT industry?

If you want to be a core IT professional, you need to build some skills in the genre too:
1. Cloud computing- from building the cloud infrastructure to maintaining them, the developers continuously work on the frontend and the backend development. Recently, new cloud development sectors like Google Cloud, AWS, Oracle, etc. have emerged that allow the developers cloud computing.

2. Data analysis- data scientists and analysts are the highest-paid workers in the economy. Processing and understanding the data, working towards making it better and data management is studied by them. They prepare databases too. Also, keeping a check/ monitoring the database could help them record the lack of loopholes. SQL, Statistics, and Python are used for data analysis.

3. Security- it is the base of any IT developer. The products that they deliver, the decisions they make, and the threats to the networking system are based on how strong the security is. Proficiency in firewalls, routers, data encryption, threat analysis, risk mitigation, and ethical hacking with penetration testing is required to maintain security.

What are the top niche skills in the IT industry?

4. Maintaining smooth workflow- the smooth workflow of the network and security is essential to the IT worker. Administrating the workflow of operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac), troubleshooting, solving technical issues, the configuration of hardware or software are the key essentials of the IT professional.

5. Programming- it is the basic skill for the IT professional. Without implementing actual coding or programming, he will not be able to build a career out of computing. Automating tasks and knowledge of programming languages are essential for the worker.

If you’re thinking about where to learn these skills from, then there is no need to worry. Here are some basic steps through which you can utilize your time to learn the skills.
• Through degrees- by important degrees like Computer Engg., software Engg., and others, you can build a successful career out there.
• Certifications- if you’re not open to go a long degree program then you can vouch for shorter opportunities in the IT field. These may include IT-related certifications.
• Through videos and seminars- online seminars and videos are also an important step for learning.