Which foods do people think are healthy but are actually unhealthy?

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asked 11-Mar-2018 in Health by nitya singh
Which foods do people think are healthy but are actually unhealthy?

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answered 16-May-2018 by Vishal Kesarwani

listing down the foodstuff  people think are healthy but are actually unhealthy for us:

1. Breakfast Cereals

Aren’t they noted to scale back body fat and facilitate in lowering calories? affirmative, there which is why this ostensibly innocent food goes unheeded. Usually, these cereals square measure loaded with refined carbohydrates and sugar. and that they are a number of the worst finished ingredients we will bump into.

2. Yogurt

Now you have got ought to be kidding ME. Couldn’t you simply spare the easy yogurt? Some folks will vouch for the very fact that intake yogurt will scale back weight. Well, it will facilitate at time s. however, within the finish, it’s a food product and that they are for high-fat content.

If you're thinking that going for low-fat yogurt could be a higher possibility, you're even additional wrong. to create low-fat yogurt style higher, high amount of sugar and artificial flavors square measure mixed in it which may build it terribly unhealthy.

3. Diet soft drinks

Well, clearly soft drinks can cause you to fat. however what regarding Diet Soft drinks? Don’t they need fewer calories, therefore a healthy alternative? whereas this is often true that they contain artificial sugar that itself doesn't have a high quantity of calories, however, they will stimulate hunger pangs in folks. therefore they will find yourself creating you eat up additional.

4. sauce

To deal with the uninteresting tasting salads, folks usually high it up with sauce to create it style higher. however, usually, these dressings have high soya bean oil content and syrup content. Also, they need higher calorie content and it becomes troublesome to curb its consumption.

5. Whole Wheat Bread

Many health specialists will advise you that intense whole wheat bread could be a healthier various than refined wheat bread. whereas intake of whole wheat bread has its own share of advantages, it hardly makes a distinction in curb fat. Whole wheat bread like refined wheat bread has a high glycemic index and might spike up your blood glucose level.

"You are what you eat"