What is best and latest technology hair transplant in India?

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Andy Simon asked 11-Mar-2018 in Technology by Andy Simon
What is best and latest technology hair transplant in India?

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Anamika Srivastava answered 15-May-2018 by Anamika Srivastava
What is best and latest technology hair transplant in India?

Every day new invention happen in the field of hair transplant but I simply believe that patient must use most trusted and best treatment which provide great result and didn’t regret on that . 
Baldness is a common issue that affecting many men across the globe. It can have a hugely negative impact on the looks , confidence level and appearance of a person. ROBOTIC HAIR TRANSPLANT is the state of art treatment method that stand as a good way to treat hereditary baldness and thinning hair
In India baldness is very common in men in the above 50 age group and ROBOTIC TRANSPLANT HAIR is very popular as a new way of treating condition. India has establish restoration clinics where medical caregivers go that extra mile to establish trust between patients and surgeon. Patient can feel more assured with the knowledge that they are undergoing treatment from professionals with the best hands in the medical domain.
In the last few years, the rise in Indian economy has made these surgeries affordable for even middle class. Advanced research and improved techniques have also brought down the cost of operation. Even overseas patient with hair thinning problem ate coming to India to make the most of the affordable ROBOTIC HAIR TRANSPLANT PROCESSES  
What is best and latest technology hair transplant in India?

The method involves the use 3D stimulation process to understand how it crown will look like after operation. A healthy hair section mapped out, generally from side or the back, to offer donor follicles. A robot make a small needle incision and draws out 1-3 follicles and hairs, once at a time until it harvest and desired amount. When the punches on the area are completed, then the surgeons manually remove the grafts from the scalp. This continues until enough grafts are harvested for the transplant. Robotic hair transplant technology is used to create recipient sites according to exact specification programmed by the surgeon. No stitches are needed and no signs of surgery are evident. The hair re-grows after some time.  
What is best and latest technology hair transplant in India?

QUICKER RECOVERY –This is a scar free and pain free cosmetic operation that help in faster recovery, and to get a full head of natural, healthy hair. There are no linear scars visible after operation unlike strip surgery. 

MORE SUCCESS- The method is also very precise when it comes to hair harvesting and comes with a higher rate of success. As it involves mechanical transplantation of hair follicles there are no risk of human error and health existing hair strands are not damaged. There is a higher satisfaction rate after this operation.

The surgery needs doctors and surgeons who are known to offer the best restorative solution to patient such as Hair restoration surgeon like Chilkuri Krishna priyaMD and Sumit Agarwal MS MCH. Plastic surgeon narendra KaushikMCH,MS,MBBS , Sanjay Prashar MD and Muhammad Salem and some other doctors can consult. Patient and interested can get fantastic insight from them about the surgery make informed choices and achieve faster recovery after a successful operation.