What did you think of the Walking Dead mid-Season 8 finale?

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Ronan Jone asked 11-Mar-2018 in Entertainment & Arts by Ronan Jone
What did you think of the Walking Dead mid-Season 8 finale?

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akriti kashyap answered 16-May-2018 by akriti kashyap

"The Walking Dead Season 8"

I think it was a hot mess. I can't even begin to describe my disappointment with this season. The characters are acting out of their normal, the war strategies of all the good guys are failing in ridiculous ways and it feels like the writers are totally lost.

The whole Carl thing has been so poorly done and I'm almost ready to give this beloved show up. Last season was awful, but I had huge hopes for this season.

What did you think of the Walking Dead mid-Season 8 finale?

So many questions left after the finale. Shiva died for no reason, the king was up on the hill and the Walkers couldn’t get to him, she could have just jumped out anytime. I rewound it and watched it again, yeah, she definitely could have outrun them.
Carl's bite was so unclear, everyone was asking, “When did that happen?” If you are going to kill a major character, a little bit more thought needs to be put into it. Even the reason they were fighting Walkers was stupid. Because the new guy felt like he was saving the Walkers, he is trying to release them. Well, thats ok if there are one or two, but taking on a bunch of walkers is just stupid and Carl knows better (remember the time he went searching for food (the pudding episode), he knows you have to be ready or anything. We don't just go walk in the forest to kill Walkers.
If Alexandria had this great septic system, why didn't they use it before, to maybe hide guns or food?
Why didn't they show us how Eugene helped them escape? So annoying to have them hopelessly surrounded by Walkers and the next scene, they are outside Alexandria and all we know is Eugene got them out.
If Rick is such a great leader, why did every one of his plans go wrong, every person was doing their own thing and not telling anyone (including Rick!), and why in the world would anyone trust the trash people that screwed them over totally in the past?! Oh, they can be trusted because Rick won against their guy in a gladiator style fight? Hmmmm, think that was done before with the armored Walker and they still sold them out to Negan.
What did you think of the Walking Dead mid-Season 8 finale?
Morgan goes through several seasons refusing to kill and even keeping an enemy in a cell because of his moral code and then for some reason he goes full metal jacket and is shooting everything in sight. Makes no sense.
Jesus is the most annoying character. If they had to sacrifice a character, I wish it would have been him.
Then there was Negan, in a post apocalyptic world going through a place that had nice safe houses with RUNNING WATER, and blowing them up. That makes no sense. A smart leader would have simply kicked all the people out to fend for themselves against the Walkers and kept Alexandria for himself. They weren't even going into the houses to salvage food before blowing them up. That is unreasonable.

What did you think of the Walking Dead mid-Season 8 finale?

They made a big deal out of Eric dying and I was thinking, “what? The guy has had 10 lines in 3 seasons and basically was a nagging wife without a personality”. It was like they knew the audience was getting restless and after Sasha last season, they needed to kill SOMEONE so they picked Shiva and Eric, seriously?
The Walking Dead has lost the realism of being post-apocalypse. I liked it better when they were trying to find safe places to stay and having to hunt for food, water, and other necessities. The idea that they have unlimited ammo still blows my mind. In the early episodes, they didn't shoot guns because it attracted Walkers, now they just fire machine guns rapid burst and waste their ammo like there's plenty more where that came from.