Do you think the AMC show "The Walking Dead" is done?

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Ronan Jone asked 11-Mar-2018 in Entertainment & Arts by Ronan Jone
Do you think the AMC show "The Walking Dead" is done?

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akriti kashyap answered 16-May-2018 by akriti kashyap
No, they just announced season 9 and a new show runner so there is plenty of time to gain more viewers.

But I’m very disappointed with the last two seasons and when you yell at the screen, “Aw, Give me a break!” you know that you and the showrunners are not watching the same show. There were a bunch of chances last season to turn the show around, but instead, they gave us the most chaotic “war” strategies and the team falling to crap because everyone is ignoring whatever plan they have and is doing their own thing.

Do you think the AMC show "The Walking Dead" is done?

The writers forgot this is post-apocalypse and got caught up in the war. What are the odds that Maggie (sharp as a tack most of the time) would drive her convoy right into a “tree in the road” ambush? For real? Negan is blowing up houses with running water, what kind of idiot would do that in a world where you have no running water? For real? Rick would hook up the Trash people, a-gain? After they already turned coats once and almost cost all of Rick’s loved ones their lives? For real?

I think I’d rather re-watch the first 5 seasons again, than to get too excited about the upcoming season.
Do you think the AMC show "The Walking Dead" is done?

One other complaint, the still shots of the individual members that they used (filling the screen with a head shot of each person) while playing some kind of dramatic score, that was just freaking annoying and didn’t do anything to add drama for me. I just wanted to fast forward to an actual scene. I wish Hershel, Dale and Glenn would have made it, they would have put together some brilliant plan.

(Seriously, I thought Rick should have gotten his people and hit the road when the Saviors first showed up, there's no reason to stick around and be slaves for the Saviors).