How should I improve my blog media kit?

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samay srivastava asked 11-Mar-2018 in social networking by samay srivastava
How should I improve my blog media kit?

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akriti kashyap answered 09-May-2018 by akriti kashyap

Here I have listed down few things which you need to go through if you haven’t to enhance your blog media kit.

How should I improve my blog media kit?

First, you have to provide a description of your blog where you can briefly describe what your blog is all about and yourself as a blogger (if that is relevant). You can also mention why people find your blog useful and how your blog is unique and stands out.

It’s good to have an image of yourself or your blogs logo somewhere on your media kit. If your blog is your own personal brand, opt for a professional looking headshot that showcases your brand.

If you want to pitch brands and companies, you will be required to display demographic information about your audience on your blog. Companies want to make sure they will be able to reach their audience through your social media/blog, so include as much relevant demographic information as you find fit enough and relevant.

Contact Information/Social Handles
Of course, don’t forget to put your social media accounts and your contact information on your media kit. A media kit is just like a resume, through which you can attract and appeal other companies and clients to get involved with you,

Companies get hundreds of pitches a day from bloggers. Your media kit should stand out and be branded with your own colors, fonts, and other branding elements. In simple words just be different from others to attract more and more folks and other respective folks.

What to do with your media kit

So now you ought to have all the data required to go out and create the best media pack ever! As I said previously, this isn't an authoritative rundown of what to do or incorporate – it completely relies on what you blog about and what you need to accentuate. Each blogger is extraordinary, and that is the excellence of the blogosphere being an astounding asset for brands: we are for the most part one of a kind, and your media pack ought to mirror that.

On the off chance that you need to put a connection to your media pack on your PR page, put it all on the line. I do, as I jump at the chance to feel that brands see it while looking at my page and it spares them requesting it. That far exceeds the "weaknesses" a few bloggers assume there are in other bloggers' seeing their details. For me, working with brands is much more imperative than being cryptic where my associates are concerned… what are different bloggers going to do with my data, at any rate?

I generally say focus alone work and potential and don't concern yourself or stress over what others are doing (most likely on the grounds that my mom used to let me know, I couldn't care less what alternate children at school are doing, I think about what YOU'RE doing!) Use others basically as motivation, not as motivation to be down on yourself or get diverted.

Presently you have your media unit it's prepared to go at whatever point you're requested it. Be that as it may, such as sitting tight for the man you had always wanted to come thumping at your entryway, you shouldn't sit sitting tight for your fantasy image to the email you first. In case you're frantic to work with a specific brand, do your examination in the first place, ensure you have a remark you're a major fan (on the off chance that you've never included them on your blog or social you might need to reconsider that… ) and send the important individual a very much created, concise pitch by email that demonstrates what you can improve the situation THEM.