What is blogging and how can I start my own blog?

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simron shukla asked 11-Mar-2018 in Blogging by simron shukla
What is blogging and how can I start my own blog?

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Blogging is an art. It depends on a lot of things. Here are some included.
What is blogging and how can I start my own blog?

1. The topic/domain
this is not the domain name, it's about areas you'll focus on your blogs. So to find the best topics and areas for your blog, go ahead and follow Google trends on Twitter. You'll know a lot about what's trending. Then afterward, keep an eye on trending topics on Facebook and Twitter to get more heads. And use your own knowledge and skills to explain the topic.

2. Using a good blogging tool
There are many blogging tools available, most famous ones are WordPress and Blogger. You can give a tey to both as they both are free and then decide on one. WordPress is more scalable and customizable in future and you can get that done with freelancer developers anytime in future.

What is blogging and how can I start my own blog?

3. Get good images to support your blogs
use free image search like https://search.creativecommons.org or unsplash.com, pexels.com for getting good images. Even Flickr website has cc images search. Remember to give credits, sources to images you use. It's a good blogging etiquette.

4. Server and domain name
Choose a trendy and nice short blog name until you're spending heavy on marketing it which you must not if you're a novice blogger and have a business model. You can use http://www.shopify.com/tools/bus... to generate names with domain name availability. Choose a good server from. Godaddy or Hostgator. They perform equally well on WordPress.
What is blogging and how can I start my own blog?

5. Making people know
Use sharing tools, attach share plug-ins to your blog. Initially, ask friends and known ones to share your blog, read your blog, and invite people. This is the best way to get an understanding of whether you're good at what you're doing and ask feedback, suggestions and improve. You can market your blog for 1$ per day on Facebook to target people, who may recognize and follow your blog.

Create a page for your blog on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each article you write, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all at once. And most importantly, keep replying and thanking people for likes, comments, and follows.

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Raj Srivastava answered 05-Oct-2020 by Raj Srivastava

Blogging has been the unrivaled king of the digital market for years now. For some reason, its prominence appears only to grow. Today, blogging is an essentiality of digital marketing. It stands high as the base pillar of content marketing for your brand development. With over half of the online visitors reading blogs often, it makes sense to invest time in blogging.

You’d find millions of bloggers out there struggling hard to gain visibility in the SERP, but not many of these are aware of the latest trends that rule the blog world. Here, in this blog, we shall talk about the top 5 blogging trends this year. We shall also throw some light on understanding what blogs actually mean and why they are worth your efforts.
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