How do I get views on my blog?

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simron shukla asked 11-Mar-2018 in Blogging by simron shukla
How do I get views on my blog?

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Anonymous User answered 16-May-2018 by Anonymous User

Compose an arrangement This technique for making online visits is truly successful on the off chance that you have important substance to offer your perusers. On the off chance that your arrangement is effective, you bear to see a pleasant increment in web movement and page impressions.

How do I get views on my blog?

Interlink inside post-This is basically connecting to your own particular post. This strategy is very powerful in light of the fact that it gives connections to your post as well as it will draw in your perusers to see your post that is pertinent.

Be intelligent locales like Facebook and YouTube are about collaboration and group. In case you're ready to connect with your perusers through remark and make a group, you'll have steadfast perusers and faithful perusers will expand site activity.

Motivate Comments to Get Page Views
So as I said beforehand, one thing you need to do on your blog, even outside of expanding site hits, is to interface with your perusers. You need to tell individuals that you're not quite recently tossing out substance but rather that you really think about your perusers and their feelings.