What are the top 7 reasons why bloggers fail to make money?

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simron shukla asked 10-Mar-2018 in Blogging by simron shukla
What are the top 7 reasons why bloggers fail to make money?

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Anonymous User answered 15-May-2018 by Anonymous User
There are so many reasons why bloggers fail to earn money especially the beginner one. As you asked here I have listed down the 7 reasons why bloggers fail to make the amount of money which they wish.

They focus on making money
Yes, you read it right. When you focus on making money from your blog what you actually do is that you take away all your focus from learning the basics of blogging and use it to think more about making money.
The more you focus on merely making money from your blog, the less value you provide to the readers of your blog.

Now it is no brainer that unless and until you provide value to your readers it is totally impossible to generate traffic in the long run for your blog. No Traffic means No income. Thus in order to make money from your blog, your main focus should not be on money but to provide value to the readers. 

No basic knowledge
 When a person comes to know that it is very much possible to make good amounts of money from blogging, what they do is, they keep on dreaming on what they will do once they have that money. No one thinks what kind of knowledge they have to have in order to build a quality blog which can generate a good amount of traffic.

Learning to blog with efficiency and effectiveness is not very difficult but it is quite a long process.  This long process of learning usually filters out the wannabe bloggers in the first month of blogging. Kindly focus on learning and then earning. 

Free website
Most people want to earn money through blogging but what they fail to understand that blogging is a type of Business. Just like in any other type of business, they need to invest in a few things initially to get started with it.

First of all, you need to buy a hosting plan and a domain name. If your budget allows then invest in a logo as well. You do not need to invest in themes initially but later on, when your blog gets bigger, invest in a better more professional theme. If you cannot write, then get your work done by a freelancer for some money. If you are not into technical stuff then get the SEO work done by someone who knows how to do it. It is quite true that you need money to make money.

What are the top 7 reasons why bloggers fail to make money?

Getting burned up
As soon as you buy your hosting and domain name, you get all excited and pumped up and because of this extra surge of emotions and energy, you end up doing more work than normal. You get good results for few days. You are on a streak of posting articles on your blog and then one day you feel a little tired.

So you decide to take a break finally and once you touch the soft sheets of your bed, all that motivation to become the best blogger in your niche suddenly disappears. According to me, this is by far the biggest reason why many bloggers lose motivation within one month of starting. Hence they end up earning no money at all.

In-appropriate analysis
It is quite a common situation where the blogger is caught in Analysis Paralysis. This means that he over analyze each and every situation and information that he ends up doing nothing but procrastinating on the real work to be done.

What are the top 7 reasons why bloggers fail to make money?

Most of the bloggers lose motivation because of this phenomenon. Wanna know what to do if you find yourself caught in this situation? Check out my blog for more information about this topic and how to overcome it.

Carrying out illegal practices 
Many bloggers make use of illegal software and black hat practices to quickly gain more traffic on their blog. It should not be done and that is totally different topic to discuss. But what I want to point here is that, how can someone truly focus on providing quality content if his mind is indulged in such bad practices. Thus when his focus is mainly on carrying out illegal practices, the blogger will surely fail.

They expect fast results
Many bloggers or I should say all the beginner bloggers expect fast results initially. Having high expectations for something that is currently not worth the hype is surely a way to fail. Bloggers don’t work as much as they should on providing quality to their readers but expect to make it big as soon as they post their first blog post.

This is another big reason why bloggers usually fail. Take a look at any big blogger. Most of them have reached where they are only after rigorous grinding, constantly working on their skills, improving their blog quality daily and by showcasing what patience really means.

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Exactly this what the problem is......!