Which stadia is India’s first solar powered sporting venue?

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Which stadia is India’s first solar powered sporting venue?

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'Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru'

Which stadia is India’s first solar powered sporting venue?

Indian Premier League  isn’t the only Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru is making news for. As Now, the next time when you are going to step into the stadium, you will feel proud as you will be watching the game in what the state cricket association says that it is the first stadium in the entire world which has got loaded up with solar panels and will completely run on solar energy.

The Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore is the primary cricket stadium in the entire world to use a solar panel to come up with a bulk of the electricity required to run the stadium. The idea behind making this venue as an eco-friendly and solar energy venue derived from'Go Green' initiative of the KSCA. As of nineteen August, 2017 this stadium has  hosted twenty-two Tests, twenty-four ODIs, and five T20Is.

Installed with a 400kW interactive solar power plant in its rooftops the stadium has been designed in such a way that the grid can easily power and lighten up the entire stadium with except huge high-intensity floodlights.

The project, costing Rs. 4.5 crore, was commissioned in February this year and KSCA is expected to break even in just four years. Not only this, it will also be able to generate revenues of Rs. 70-80 l
This structure with a capaciousness of around 40000 not frequently hosts Test cricket matches, and  Internationals (ODI) or different excellent cricket matches, as it also hosts different musical and cultural events.

The structure is additionally the house ground of the province state cricket team and therefore the Indian Premier League franchise Royal Challengers city. It closely-held by the govt. of a province and has been chartered bent the KSCA for a period of ninety-nine years.

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