In terms of Human Development Index which is the most developed State in India?

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nitya singh asked 10-Mar-2018 in Indian economy by nitya singh
In terms of Human Development Index which is the most developed State in India?

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In 2010, the UNDP came up with a new report, The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development which introduced the Inequality-adjusted HDI. It mainly focuses on capturing the distributional dimensions of HDI. Prior to this, the HDI was calculated based on three dimensions: income, education, and health. Now they are adjusted for inequalities in attainment across people.

Based on this index, Kerala is the most developed state in India. Its global rank is 99 and its Indian rank is 1.

The income level in Kerala is high as 9 out of 10 people are living a quality standard of life. People focus on literacy more and then, earning. That’s why their education rate is also appreciable. The most important part, women’s education is given the most priority there (almost 98% educated women in Kerala) because they believe in the fact that “a man educates a family, while a woman educates a whole generation.” Pertaining to the literacy rate and the number of educated people, they take great care of the healthcare system as well. They believe that a “healthy mind resides in a healthy body.”

Not only these dimensions but also the access of common people to these factors is appreciable. Acceding to the Inequality-adjusted HDI, the people have access to rich-quality education there. That’s why the parents send their male and female kids to school on time. They don’t hesitate in doing so because the govt. has made many important developments in technology there.
Also, healthcare is at the reach of the poorest of the poor because of the advancement in technology there. Doctors don’t hesitate in treating even the poor and the people who cannot afford the services have access to the free ones.

Because of all these factors, people are able to generate wealth and income, thus, becoming the highest developed state of India. They are properly educated (not just literate), have better access to healthcare, and are developed in their thinking.