Should hobbies be shared with others? Why or why not?

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twinkle das asked 10-Mar-2018 in Hobbies & Collectibles by twinkle das
Should hobbies be shared with others? Why or why not?

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Anonymous User answered 21-Jul-2021 by Anonymous User

Hobbies are actions people love to do in their leisure time. That could be anything, collecting coins, watching movies, making documentaries, writing, singing, etc.

Although sharing or not sharing hobbies with others is a personal decision, but still it is good to involve others also in your space if you feel so.
Here are the reasons for that:
• You would feel even more energized and elevated to pursue your hobbies when someone else is also involved with you.
• Sharing hobbies could result into more bonding and intimacy of thoughts.
• It’s good to form healthy relations with people and sharing hobbies is one such way of doing that.
• If there ever comes a time where you’re drifting apart from what interests you, the other person may drive you back to your zone.

While there are good reasons for sharing hobbies, there could also be some opposing views which contradict the same:
• Hobbies are something to be pursued when you’re free and don’t have energy to do something else. If you involve other person in it, it may invade your personal space.
• Sometimes it could be exhausting to meet the expectations of others, and by sharing hobbies you will be expected to time more than you want, with them.
• If you’re an introvert person and the other one is, by chance, an extrovert it could initially land up many behavioral problems between you two. However, this could be solved by communication too.

In the end, it is solely your decision to share or not share your personal space with someone. If you think the other person deserves to cross the boundaries & enter your space, you can surely do so. If not, then spending time alone in solitude is also not bad.