Is it weird that I don't have a hobby?

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twinkle das asked 10-Mar-2018 in Hobbies & Collectibles by twinkle das
Is it weird that I don't have a hobby?

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Anonymous User answered 02-Jul-2021 by Anonymous User

Is it weird that I don
Absolutely not! It's not weird to not have a hobby because a hobby is not just something which is present inside you from the very beginning; it could be developed over the time also. So, you do not need to worry about not having a hobby.
Sometimes people have a slight tendency of being passionate about something but due to external factors it fades away with time. In that case you don't need to feel weird or inferior about yourself, you just need time.

Try to sit in a quiet place regularly for some days/nights without any person, any gadget...and just think about YOURSELF. 

  • What you were earlier,
  • and how time has changed you,
  • what kind of life you would like to have in future.

You may experience some difficulty thinking that deeply at first, but later on you will get used to it in some days. Slowly you will find yourself being drawn towards the things you get passionate about. Finding about your hobby is going to take a long time if you are not used to it, but it is not impossible.

Reasons why it is NOT weird to not have a hobby:

  • You can take however the amount of time you require to find it out
  • There is no limit and no age to what extent you will ever truly discover yourself.  A human mind is a very complicated phenomenon and there are bound t be certain trial and errors. Some things will be unexplored your whole life while some things will be discovered lately.
  • It is very much possible that sometimes maturity comes later in life about understanding a lot of things. Hence, there is no shame or inferiority to develop your depths at a slower pace in life.