Do you know useful digital marketing tools?

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Ronan Jone asked 10-Mar-2018 in social networking by Ronan Jone
Do you know useful digital marketing tools?

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anant verma answered 18-Apr-2018 by anant verma

digital marketing is a vast field, there are different profiles are available in this field like

e mail marketing, social media marketing, adwords, seo, orm, web analytics, ecommerce

there are all separate tools for each of these profiles

email marketing, tool mailchimp

social media marketing, tool  pagemodo, woobox, tweetdeck

adwords, tool adword google ppc online  advertising

seo, tool, search console and for keyword research ubersuggest, kwfinder

orm tool google alert, namechk, knowem

 web  analytics  tool google analytics solution marketing analysis and measurement

ecommerce tool google merchant, kartrocket, fedex