How can someone be brutally honest?

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nitya singh asked 09-Mar-2018 in Human Behaviour by nitya singh
How can someone be brutally honest?

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'Anything you lose from being honest,
you never really had to begin with'
Honesty  is a virtue that has been taught in our culture since the very ancient times; the  holy scriptures in India have always borne the values of ultimate trust & honesty- For example The Ramayana, The Mahabharat.
 However, in today's world of growing misunderstandings, unresolved conflicts and continuous frustration to balance work life and personal life has raised questions on our level of honesty. 
To be 'brutally honest' can sometimes leave us into disastrous situations too.  For example a certain person works at a MNC and doesn't like the work culture there. He will honestly report about it to his HR; it may have 2 consequences- either he will be heard and understood patiently or he might get fired for being so honest.
In other case, if a certain person doesn't like some kind of ritual in his family and tell about it to his family members, he may be labelled 'too much outgoing'; or he could be heard patiently.
There are no fixed predications which one can think of by being brutally honest.
How can someone be brutally honest?

For being honest- 
This is a very courageous stand one may take for himself/herself. As mentioned above, honesty could lead to some unpredictable impacts also.
Thus, one must engage with himself more and more, and must be rooted down to his soul. He must always be eager to know the real purpose of his being, his identity. 
Then, before taking any decisions or telling something to someone, he should have the awareness of what is the real meaning behind a certain situation happening that way. Then only he could completely be honest without diverting and thinking about the consequences.
As Bhagwad Gita itself states: 'Do your Karma...don't worry about its results. The intentions behind an action is what matter. Those who are motivated only by desire for the fruits of action are miserable, for they are constantly anxious about the results of what they do.
 Once you know what others' intentions behind an action are and what your intentions will be about dealing with the situation, you could be brutally honest without worrying about the results.