What makes someone unlikable?

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nitya singh asked 09-Mar-2018 in Human Behaviour by nitya singh
What makes someone unlikable?

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Anonymous User answered 08-Apr-2018 by Anonymous User

 Enhancement of self-perception would be my viewpoint. The way you project your thoughts and the manner in which you put forward your opinion in any stuff demonstrates and portrays your character. It goes without saying that sometimes few situations demand silence.

What makes someone unlikable?

The less you talk, the more you would be listened to. Think and respond to align with others feelings. It becomes difficult to hold a pen if all fingers were alike. Similarly, humans are bound with different emotional and psychological constraints. Each one of us needs to go and get along amicably handling ourselves with utmost care. Your adaptability would always give you an opportunity to put forward your opinion.

Moreover, having a sense of humour, being soft-spoken and with sincere state of mind, living each moment without many regrets and going through the journey of life- in a way how you handle yourself in this short-lived paths will make you likeable. Whining and fretting about problems and pains would pull away even your own people, family and friends. In fact be a forerunner in resolving or offering help for any such suffering.

'So just be true and spread love'