What is the best way to say no to someone?

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nitya singh asked 09-Mar-2018 in Human Behaviour by nitya singh
What is the best way to say no to someone?

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Anonymous User answered 09-Apr-2018 by Anonymous User

Saying “No” straightforward for things which you have to say no would be the most appropriate way. Rather than being in a confusing state, one should be firm while saying no with a firm voice.

What is the best way to say no to someone?

Well, saying “No” could be difficult in circumstances where the person or a group of people in front of you means a lot to you. There are situation when you get confused that if you say no to the person in front of you he/she will get dishearten so for the sake of their personal feeling you are not able to collect enough guts to say “No”.

But saying no instead of thinking of so many things ones should say “No” if he/she don’t feel like saying “Yes” at that particular situation as it will be more justice to your feelings.

One thing which you can keep in mind while saying “No” that you are polite in that particular conversation. For a polite and generic behavior you can use words like I wish, I could and so one….!

For example:
  • I wish I could help you up in this but I can’t.

  • I wish I could but I am not sure about it hope you understand.

Stop saying yes when you want to say no.